Mud, bison and a loopy trail

What mountain? Oh, Watt Mountain. That’s the place to be in High Level, Alberta.

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A motorcycle rider takes to the air in High Level

High Level is a rider-friendly place to be. — Photo courtesy Chris MacLeod

If you’re looking to level up, go to High Level. You’ll discover recreation areas to suit all levels of skill and ability. Plus you might see a bison. You do want to see a bison, don’t you?

When you get into High Level, head to Watt Mountain. The main path you’ll embark on is the Watt Mountain Wanderers trail. The Watt Mountain Wanderers is the snowmobile club responsible for clearing out the extensive trail network available for snowmobilers and ATVers alike. The trail is clearly marked and can be accessed by going west of High Level for five kilometres.

Watt Mountain’s main loop is the trail of choice for seasoned ATVers and newbies. The loop offers all kinds of terrain—hills to climb, open fields to play in and mud pits to tear up. These areas vary in difficulty so if you reach an obstacle that you’re not comfortable navigating, just head back to the safety of the loop.

Keep your eyes open for wildlife as you scale Watt Mountain. Keen observers may spot wolves, bobcats, beavers, deer, moose and—as mentioned before—bison.

If simplicity is your sanctity, the La Crete trail should suffice. The trail is a straight shot southeast to La Crete. There isn’t much variety, but who wants obstructions when the need for speed comes calling?

High Level’s trail system is the place to be for finding friendly fellows to ride with. The community itself is warm and welcoming. If you go by yourself, you’ll find someone on the trail to share the journey with.

If you’re not excited to explore High Level at this point, then you might as well stay home where it’s clean and boring. Otherwise, get where the action is and make a mess in the mud. 

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