Taking in the Campbell River views

A short story behind this Hotshots photo by Lisa Day of Courtenay, B.C.

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Everyone’s got his or her secret riding spots. This is Lisa Day’s. — Photo courtesy Lisa Day

Like many ATVers in Western Canada, the RidersWest Hotshots contest usually goes into hibernation for the winter. Right before it did, however, we received several photos from Lisa Day, an avid ATVer from Courtenay, B.C. Day wouldn’t reveal the exact location (“It’s a secret spot,” she said) of these photos but she did tell us that Campbell River is where she spends the majority of her ride time. Lucky for her, the ATV season here is a lengthy one.

Below, we find out more about Day and her love of ATVing:

How and when did you get into ATVing?

I grew up in the Comox Valley. My Kodiak 450 was a surprise gift that showed up at my house in 2004. (Since then), I have put on 13,000 kilometres and have enjoyed every minute of it.

What kind of riding do you enjoy?

I prefer the trail rides but have done many logging roads to get to the ocean and lakes.

What do you enjoy most about ATVing?

We are all in our ’50s now and it is a sport that can be enjoyed well into your ’70s, I’m sure, as I have seen many seniors in my travels out there and loving it also.

Are you a member of any ATV club?

I have been a member of a few clubs over the years. My partner and a couple we rode with all the time started the Comox Valley ATV Club. I think it was to get a discount on insurance and liability. We were Comox Valley people and there was only a Campbell River club at the time and we never ventured out that way too often in the early days.

Now we are out at the new Campbell River Pye Recreation Area—sometimes camping in that area, doing demo rides or visiting. They have done such an awesome job of building that area for the quad lovers. The trail system is nicely marked and mapped. Bravo to the Campbell River ATV Club!

Do you ride year-round? Show us! Our Hotshots contest could use some love. 

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