LS2 MX436 Pioneer Off-Road Helmet

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Black LS2 Pioneer helmet for adventure riders.

Dual-sport or adventure riders will appreciate the form and functionality of this no-frills off-road helmet. — photo courtesy Kimpex

This is the helmet for dual-sport motorcycle riders who spend more time on dirt than asphalt. The LS2 MX436 Pioneer features a twin-shield system with an optically correct, impact-, UV- and scratch-resistant visor. The inner drop-down shield leaves just enough space above your nose to offer comfort and protection. This helmet was also designed with eyeglass wearers in mind, and depending on how wide your glasses are, it can accommodate sunglasses and goggles as well.

Several ventilation ports are located throughout the helmet, which makes it ideal for warm-weather riding. Since the vents cannot be closed, however, when it rains, you might get damp.

The shell, which is made from an impact-resistant polymer, comes in three sizes and seven different colour schemes. Special attention has been given to the shell shape of this helmet to make sure it offers the perfect fit and protection for off-road riders. There is a shock-absorbing EPS liner, and the chin strap, which may take some getting used to, features a quick-release design so that riders need not remove their gloves when unbuckling the helmet. The liner is moisture wicking, and the cheek pads are all removable and washable. The motocross-inspired peak is also adjustable and flexible to breakaway, if necessary.

Retailing for less than $200, the LS2 MX436 Pioneer offers great bang for the buck. You can order this helmet from Kimpex while still supporting your local dealer. 

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