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Alysha “Axxe” Vlahovich smiles next to her green Kawasaki dirt bike.

Disability can’t restrain this axe swinging, derby pounding, dirt bike jumping, snowmobile rescuer

Alysha “Axxe” Vlahovich encourages everyone to let their soul shine through the mystical power of motorsports [ READ MORE ]

Lisette Vienneau parks her side-by-side ORV next to Dinosaur Lake.

Dinosaur Lake’s new ATV campground roars towards completion

Lisette Vienneau, local rider in Hudson’s Hope, B.C., explains why ATVers should be excited about the improvements happening at Dinosaur Lake campground [ READ MORE ]

ATVBC logo.

ATV Clubs in British Columbia

Here are all the links and info necessary to connect with an ATV club in British Columbia [ READ MORE ]