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A father and his son railing a corner on the motocross track in Revelstoke.

Top 10 motocross tracks and places to ride and race dirt bikes in B.C.

This list is a track guide for dirt bike riders and off-road motorcyclists in British Columbia [ READ MORE ]

Wally Eddy and his motorcycle

How to prepare for your motorcycle road test and what to expect

Wally Eddy, Cranbrook’s ICBC-certified motorcycle instructor, reveals how to avoid blunders on your bike and pass the road test [ READ MORE ]

ATVs on the mountain

Top places to go ATVing in Alberta

ATVers gather annually to ride Alberta's renowned trail networks [ READ MORE ]

RidersWest Shoutouts:

Soldier On is a program of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) which contributes to the recovery of ill and injured CAF members and veterans by providing opportunities and resources through sport, recreational, and creative activities.

Since 2007, Soldier On has supported over 10,000 ill and injured members using sport and physical recreational activities to enable social support, build confidence in their abilities and realize their full potential. Soldier On provides members with a safe environment to challenge themselves and become inspired in ways that they may not have thought possible, contributing to and providing a gateway to enhance ones’ well-being. This re-introduction to an active lifestyle provides opportunities to develop new skills, build confidence and meet peers with similar challenges.

To see how Soldier On incorporates snowmobiling into its programming, watch the story of retired Sgt., Dr. Steve Daniel. Listen as he explains how activities Soldier On offers, including snowmobiling, helped him “change his focus and carry on.”