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Sammi Lynn Clayton stands next to her son, Davian, as he sits on a dirt bike on a track.

Cool moms dig into dirt with their kids

Sammi Lynn Clayton, motocross and single-track dirt biker and snow biker in Vernon, B.C., was introduced to powersports by her enthusiastic son [ READ MORE ]

Rowe, Jim, and Keeg stand next to each other smiling after an ATV race.

Right on! Wright Racing’s racers race the right way

Jim Wright, founder of Wright Racing in Calgary, Alberta, races ATVs with his kids across the province [ READ MORE ]

A dirt rider whips a bike during practice for a race at Grunthal MX Track.

Where to ride dirt bikes and race motocross in Manitoba

Whether it’s motocross or off-road, there are great choices for dirt bike riders in Manitoba [ READ MORE ]

RidersWest Shout-outs:

ATVBC recently conducted a survey with their members and received responses from over 1,500 people! 87% of respondents participate in ATVing to explore the outdoors and 79% of respondents are interested in advocacy—a voice at government as their main benefit to membership. See the rest of the results and learn what’s happening in the province by reading the ATVBC’s executive director’s report