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This trailer seller shines bright like a diamond

Diamond West Trailer Sales has unparalleled selection, prices and customer service

A trailer sits in the parking lot of Diamond West Trailer Sales

Diamond West Trailer Sales has the biggest selection of trailers in the Kootenays.Photo courtesy Diamond West Trailer Sales

by Kyle Born

Before you take your ATV to your favourite destination, make sure you’ve got the appropriate trailer to get you there.

“A lot of times, the customer comes in thinking they know what they need, but they’re wrong,” said Glenn Stiller, manager of Diamond West Trailer Sales. “We make sure we find what the customer needs—exactly what they need. ‘What are you going to be doing with the trailer? How much weight are you going to be carrying? How long is your longest cargo?’ We give them the exact trailer that they need.”

Whatever kind of trailer that might be—cargo, utility, dump or equipment trailer—Diamond West Trailer Sales has it in stock with the name brands you recognize and trust for their level of quality such as Continental Cargo, Big Tex, Low Trail, Iron Bowl and Frontier Horse Trailers.

“We have the largest selection in the Kootenays by far,” Stiller said. “We always make sure we've got good inventory.”

One of the ways Diamond West Trailer Sales is able to boast such an extensive selection of trailers is its knowledge of industry trends. For example, big sellers right now include open and closed ATV trailers for quads and side-by-sides as well as dump trailers. During the wintertime, equipment trailers are well-stocked due to their popularity.

Besides the voluminous choice of trailers and unbeatable prices, Diamond West Trailer Sales prides itself on customer service.

“I like sitting down and talking with customers—getting to know them, what their needs are, and making sure that they're looked after,” Stiller said. “I love seeing them happy when they leave. I enjoy watching the tail lights going down the road because I know I've done my job.”