Super Hang-all

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A hook on a mounting bar in a trailer.

Whether it’s your garage, enclosed trailer or tool shed, keeping things organized can be a challenge. That’s why Bowdriks Industries, the inventors of SuperClamp, SuperClamp Rear and SuperGlides, came out with the Super Hang-all.

As the name implies, the Super Hang-all is a universal wall hanging system that can be used to hang just about anything—from helmets, gloves and jackets to rakes, shovels and extension cords. The mounting bar comes with plenty of slots to attach the Super hooks or handle holders, depending on your hanging needs. The bar also features removable end caps so you can join multiple Super Hang-All bars together. According to Bowdriks, the Super Hang-all is easy to install.

For more information, see Bowdriks’ website

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