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Sonja Mager has mastered the 'three Rs' of travel biking

by Kristen Cook |

A woman sits on her black Harley-Davidson alongside a lake.

Sonja Mager enjoys spending time on her Harley-Davidson. — Photo courtesy Sonja Mager

If biking, travel and blogging are your dreams, then you can live vicariously through Sonja Mager. In her blog, Find Me on the Road, Mager discusses all aspects of her favourite bikes and the paths they take her down.

Mager, who lives in Vancouver, B.C., has a passion for riding that she found all on her own—almost. When Mager was seven years old, the neighbour boy drove her around the block on the back of his Honda Monkey. An exhaust burn and a lecture later, she found herself dedicated to motorcycles.

There was a lull in Mager’s riding when life and career took over, but she’s back on the road and rediscovering a love for the journey.

With a little coaxing

As a woman who rides simply because she enjoys it, Mager had the atypical experience of trying to convince her husband to join her. She attempted to start him out on a maxi scooter, but ended up driving it herself. Fortunately, Mager’s husband did eventually come to terms with two wheels.

“Riding with the spouse is rewarding and fun,” Mager said, “Since we know each other’s habits and quirks well, (it’s) easy going. (There's) no discussion around when to get up, what to have for lunch or which direction to take—everything is already in sync.”

Bikes to suit women

Currently, Mager rides a Harley-Davidson Sportster 883. She said that her favourite bike is always the one she owns at the time, as it serves the purpose she has chosen it for. Women may prefer cruisers and street bikes, but Mager said she believes a woman can ride any bike she can handle.

"Many brands offer lowering kits with modified seat and suspension," she said, adding that this increases the options for women today.

Discovering places and perspectives

Travelling has long been one of Mager’s favourite riding pursuits—and her journeys have taken her to faraway places as well as on exceptional rides closer to home.

“I cherish the Italian hospitality, the British passion for everything two-wheeled, the smell of the air in the Provence, or the alpine twisties," said Mager. "But most memorable to me is my first solo ride last summer on what I believe is also called the Lillooet loop—going from Vancouver to Whistler past Lillooet, down to Hope and back to Vancouver.”

Year-round riding is another reason that Mager loves biking in the Lower Mainland. Even in the winter she is able to commute on mild days, and the rest of the year is a vibrant bonus with no shortage of destinations. When asked about her dream trip, Mager had this response.

“Iceland,” she said, “on a Triumph Scrambler. I just love the vintage aspect of this bike, and I have not owned a Triumph just yet.”

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