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Jason Stapleton gets massive air on his ATV as he lifts off into the blue sky.

Since his Alberta ATV Triple Crown wins, Jason Stapleton has been flying high all over the province

Jason Stapleton, Rad Rider in Lethbridge, Alberta, won the Alberta ATV Triple Crown series in 2018 and continues to ascend with his ATV to new heights [ READ MORE ]

John Giannisis and his friend, Antony Francis, pose in from a sign that says Village of Clinton.

From Clinton to Wells, the Cariboo Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail is an explorer’s dream

John Giannisis, member of the Prince George ATV Club, highlights what to expect when ATVing the historic Cariboo Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail [ READ MORE ]

Attendees stand around a John Deere UTV inside of an events centre.

Everything you need to know about Canada’s big 2022 Snowmobile and Powersports Shows

The most anticipated snowmobile and powersports shows in years are taking place across Canada in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario in fall 2022 [ READ MORE ]