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RidersWest Shout-outs:

The Alberta Off Highway Vehicle Association (AOHVA) is collaborating with the province’s government to improve access to snowmobile and off-highway vehicle trails.

“This new framework and funding helps increase both the capacity and support for our clubs working to improve the quality of trails, and mitigating impacts of recreation,” said Garett Schmidt, President of the AOHVA. “We are very pleased to be working in collaboration and partnership with our government to ensure sustainable recreation and having Alberta’s Provincial OHV trail system develop into a world-class recognition and destination.”

Quick facts:

  • Trail agreements with these organizations are being developed so there is a clear understanding of the goals for the funding and environmental protections that must be respected.
  • The first two trail agreements will be evaluated and used to develop similar agreements with other organizations across the province in the future.
  • Under the Trails Act, new trails can only be approved through a planning process to identify and designate the trails to ensure that social, economic and environmental aspects are considered.