AlumaSki personal watercraft


Capable of operating in five centimetres of water or less, the AlumaSki is a personal watercraft and jet boat hybrid that goes where no other PWC has gone before (without incurring costly damages, that is).

Built by MacKinnon Marine Technologies, based in Anchorage, Alaska, the AlumaSki is made of 100 per cent marine-grade aluminum. Weighing in at 430 kilograms, the 152.4 centimetres wide by 366 centimetres long AlumaSki is heavier than other three-person fibreglass PWCs, but not by much, considering its size.

What really makes it unique is the hull. Unlike the V-shaped hulls that are typically seen on PWCs, the AlumaSki’s hull is a deep V to semi-flat conversion, allowing it to float through shallow waters with ease. A custom intake grate prevents rocks, gravel and the like from getting sucked up by the jet pump and ultimately damaging the propeller. But can it handle open water too? Apparently so.

Powered by a 1,052-cc Yamaha four-stroke marine motor, the AlumaSki delivers 110 horsepower. Not too shabby. And it can reach a top speed of 72.4 kilometres per hour.

Equipped with an 68.1-litre fuel tank, the AlumaSki offers five to six hours of normal ride time, according to Slavik Lund, general manager of MacKinnon Marine Technologies. Throttle pinned, Lund said, it will offer two to three hours of ride time, but if you’re exploring, chances are you won’t be keeping it to the bar for long. 

As for load capacity, the AlumaSki can carry up to 454 kilograms. That’s three adults and some gear or one adult and a lot of say, fishing gear? According to Lund, that is one of the purposes it was built for—access to fishing and hunting spots.

But with its stability, fuel efficiency and shallow-water capabilities, the AlumaSki is also being marketed for commercial applications, such as search and rescue.

Right now, the AlumaSki is being sold factory direct from MacKinnon Marine Technologies. The company is looking for dealers in Canada and the lower U.S. For more info, see the website

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