New Tracker Packer for SPOT Gen3 from Giant Loop


Whether we are ATVing, hiking or snowmobiling, there’s one device that we never leave the house without, and that is our SPOT Gen3 satellite tracker. It gives us peace of mind and lets our family back home know we are safe and sound.

According to SPOT LLC, the SPOT Gen3 works best when it is facing upwards toward the sky. Keeping it in this position can be a challenge, however, with the flimsy strap and carabiner that is provided. In some situations, the device tends to flop around and so there’s a worry that it will fall off.

There’s a solution for that—the Tracker Packer holster from Giant Loop.

Made specially for the SPOT Gen3, the Tracker Packer firmly attaches the device to the rider’s arm, backpack or shoulder strap. It features a heavy-duty hook-and-loop band with an anti-slip backing, foam padding to absorb shock and vibration, fully bound seams and a red biothane strap with the word “EMERGENCY” printed on it. With redundant closures and multiple connection points, there is no more worry that we will lose the SPOT Gen3, and the holster keeps it in the proper, upwards position.

The Tracker Packer is available separately or together with the SPOT Gen3 device. For more information, see the Giant Loop website

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