Sena Bluetooth Headset and Intercom with FM Tuner

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Photo of a black headset device with microphone and speakers.

Sena Technologies Inc. recently upgraded its popular SHM5 headset and intercom with an FM tuner option. 

Now, motorcycle and scooter riders can listen to their favourite radio stations while they are cruising down the road. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, the SMH5-FM also allows users to make and receive phone calls hands free and listen to the voice instructions of GPS navigations wirelessly, as well as engage in two-way conversations with other riders via intercom.

The SMH5-FM offers more features than the SHM5, such as a greater intercom working distance of up to 700 metres in open terrain.

In a recent press release, the president and CEO of Sena Technologies Inc., Tae Kim, said incorporating an FM tuner into the SMH5 Bluetooth headset is an upgrade that Sena is very pleased with and one the company thinks its customers will appreciate.

“Since its release in the summer of 2012, the SMH5 has been a popular addition to the Sena line of Bluetooth headset options available for motorcycle riders,” said Kim. “The new SMH5-FM enhances those options at an accessible price.”

The SMH5-FM is available in individual units ($159) or dual kits ($299) with a full-face helmet kit or an open-face helmet kit.

See the company's website for more information. 

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