The most popular Kawasaki side-by-side is . . .

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A stock photo of a green Kawasaki MULE PRO.

The Kawasaki MULE PRO is one of the best-selling side-by-sides on the market. — Photo courtesy Kawasaki

Whether it be for farming, recreating or some other purpose, side-by-sides have been growing in popularity. The trend looks to continue beyond 2019. Offroad customers aren’t the only ones excited about the upcoming season—powersports store owners, sales staff and others within the industry are equally stoked about the potential of UTVs. To help find the right machine for you, we asked ATV dealers across Western Canada about their most popular side-by-sides and what trends they see coming on the horizon. Here’s what they had to say about Kawasakis.

Cole Wilker works in sales and financing for Reed Leisure Products in White City, Saskatchewan.

What is your most popular/best-selling side-by-side?

Kawasaki MULE PRO-FXT.

Why do you think that is?

The agriculture industry around here—it’s the best unit around here for those guys. The FXT is a six-seater with the capability of flipping up the rear seats and having a bigger bed. You can set a full size pallet or skid in the back of the box. Out of all of our units, it’s got the highest bed capacity and towing capacity.

They use them for anything from checking cattle to hauling things around the yard to dragging augers. One guy has a scale in the back of it and he goes out during calving season and throws calves in the back, scales them, tags them and gives them back to the mother cow.

Very practical uses then?

Yeah. It’s got the six seats so on a Sunday afternoon, you can take the whole family with you if you want to go for a tour.

What current or upcoming product are you excited about?

There’s talk that Kawasaki is coming out with a new side-by-side here in September or October. We’ve only seen teaser videos so we don’t know. It’s going to be a sport side-by-side. We’re curious what it’s going to be and how it’s going to stand up compared to the competitors. They don’t have a name for it yet that we’ve seen. They’re keeping it hush-hush until it’s released.


Dave Robinson is vice-president and co-owner of Xcalibur Kawasaki in Salmon Arm, B.C.

What is your most popular/best-selling side-by-side?

It’s a toss up between the Kawasaki Teryx and the Kawasaki MULE PRO.

Why do you think that is?

On the working side, the MULE PRO is an excellent working machine and hauls six people no problem. Rides like a Cadillac, looks like a Hummer. Seven-year warranty.

Teryx is more of a hot rod. It goes fast and is made to play instead of working but you can still work with it too.

That’s mostly what we sell. They’re excellent machines. Good warranty. Good products. Kawasaki builds a really good product.


Lee Barker is the owner/operator of Fast Trax Mountainsports Ltd. in Fort St. John, B.C.

What is your most popular/best-selling side-by-side?

Kawasaki Teryx.

Why do you think that is?

That’s the one we’ve sold the most of. It’s the most comfortable, most popular, best all-around side-by-side that we have.

It’s the shortest four-seater on the market. Being shorter means it’s better on the trails with a better turn radius in the tight trails.


Scott Harland is owner of Transcanada Motorsports in Brandon, Manitoba

What is your most popular/best-selling side-by-side?

Kawasaki MULE SX XC. It’s the smallest MULE they make. It’s a little workhorse.

Why do you think that is?

It’s the perfect one for acreages. Farmers use them to go back and forth through the fields.

The value is unbelievable on that thing. Three-year warranty. The chances of using that warranty are slim to none. We have no troubles with them.

There are lots of features. Comes with 26-inch wheels. It has four LED headlights. Big bumper. Comes with the roof, dump box. It’s fuel injected, not carbureted, which is nice. Compared to the competition, it’s got lots of features for the money. It’s the best bang for your buck if you’re looking for something smaller.

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