Pre-season with ATV racer Bryan Vollmer

The Ontario native is ready to represent Canada at the U.S. nationals


A young man sliding around a corner on his ATV.

Bryan Vollmer is running a Walsh Yamaha 450 in the Pro Am and Production A classes at the 2014 AMA nationals. — Walker1812 Photography

Bryan Vollmer, 20, is one of the handful of Canadians heading to the U.S. this spring to represent our country in the elite AMA Mountain Dew ATV Motocross National series.

Vollmer, who is from LaSalle, Ontario, started his racing career when he was 15. One year later, he ended up third overall in the Junior Division of the CMRC Canada Cup and was named rider of the year.

He then turned his attention to the U.S. national series and eventually hooked up with the Wienen Motorsports Team, led by two-time AMA national champ Chad Wienen from Galena, Illinois.

After two seasons of riding and training with one of the nation’s top professional racers, Vollmer moved up through the ranks and will be racing the Pro-Am and Production A classes at the 2014 nationals.

He is backed this year by his own Team Vollmer and the Ontario-based Canadian ATV Motocross Race Team (CATVMX).

Recently, Vollmer took a break from training to catch up with RidersWest about his upcoming season.

Where are you calling from?

Right now, we are in Bartow, Florida. I’m with Cody Withey and Sean Mitchell (from CATVMX). We’re at the track training for the season, trying to get our bikes in tune and ready for Round 1.

What’s the weather like?

It’s 80 degrees and sunny. It’s a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky.

How did you get into racing, originally?

I’ve always ridden quads—since I was about three years old. One day, we decided to go to a race and give it a shot and I kind of got hooked on it.

What was it about racing that hooked you?

The competitiveness, the speed, the adrenalin; I love it. The sport is so much a mental game. You have to keep your mental game strong and tell yourself you can do it and push yourself . . . you gotta keep yourself motivated. You have to work out every day. You can’t stop. Motivation is key.

Do you have any pre-race rituals?

I try not to get into that. I just have to keep as calm as possible because going down to the line with 20 guys lined up—and you are all there for the same reason, to win—is pretty nerve-racking.

What is your biggest career accomplishments so far?

I got a Production B championship in the AMA national series (in 2011). It was my first year going to the States for the national.

Why did you decide to race in the U.S. instead of just in Canada?

There’s about 700 to 800 riders in the American series every weekend and in Canada, it was about 80 so there’s just a lot more competition and you can go farther with it.

What did you learn from training with two-time AMA national champ Chad Wienen?

Everything. After two weeks in training with him, I think it took 10 seconds off my lap time. He brought me to a level that I couldn’t have gotten to without him.

Do you have a favourite track on the AMA calendar?

Sunset Ridge in Illinois is one of my favourite tracks. I really like the layout of the track, the jumps, and it’s sandy so gets pretty rough. I really like that. I just have a great time there every time I go.

What kept you busy this winter?

Snowmobiling. We haven’t had this much snow at home for a few years so I’ve been taking advantage of it.

Do you have any race goals for this season?

I just want to do the best I can in Pro-Am and definitely be above top five for the finish. On the podium would definitely be my goal for the season.

Thanks for catching up with RidersWest! Is there anyone you would like to thank?

My parents for sure and CATVMX for bringing me on. And my sponsors: Atlas Neck Braces, SSi Decals, Scott Goggles, Hinson Clutch Components, FourWerx Carbon, Walsh Race Craft, Flipsyde Racing and Fly Racing.

The AMA Mountain Dew ATV MX National Series begins March 22, 2014, at Aonia Pass Motocross Park in Washington, Georgia. You can follow Bryan Vollmer and the rest of the Canadian ATV Motocross Race Team on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

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