2019 ATV Rider’s Choice Awards

When you want to go to an unfamiliar restaurant, what do you do? You ask friends about it and read reviews from people who have eaten there. Finding a compilation of two-star ratings is going to lead to a hard pass. By contrast, stellar appraisals from reviewers and your friend who won’t shut up about how juicy the steak was prompts curiosity and a visit to said restaurant.

That’s sort of our role in dishing out these awards. We here at RidersWest tend to think your vocal rider friends are onto something when they keep bragging about how this trail is the most gnarly, that mountain pass has the best views or that mud hole is begging for another ATV to splash through its waters.

We’ve amassed all of your favourite riding location recommendations and put them in one handy dandy place for you to peruse and plan at your leisure. If you happen to disagree with where your favourite riding area ended up on the list, then you better vote next year so everybody else can get in on the fun. Don’t hog the best spots to yourself, eh?  

Previous Rider's Choice Award winners