RidersWest shifts gears as it moves to a digital-only publication

After 24 years of publishing RidersWest magazine we are switching to digital-only publications with an email newsletter

by Kerry Shellborn

Cover of RidersWest magazine.

RidersWest is going digital! After 24 years of publishing a print magazine, we are excited to step into the future with the launch of our digital-only publication. — Photo courtesy RidersWest

A lot has changed since the fall of 1996 when we launched the premier edition of RidersWest magazine. Today, everyone has a mobile device and can access information on their interests within arm’s reach. For our mobile readers, that means we can now provide you with the latest news from RidersWest wherever you are. While we know many of you still enjoy getting the magazine in the mail, the majority of our advertisers are moving their budget to digital distribution, and RidersWest has decided to shift gears and move into the future by becoming a digital-only publication.

Here are some questions that you may have.

Is this goodbye?

No, not at all. RidersWest promises to provide you with the same great stories that Riders love, just in a digital format.

How can I get RidersWest now?

So glad you asked. The best way to make sure you won’t miss out on new stories, products, features, events, destination ideas and more is to sign up to our email newsletter. You can go to Riderswestmag.com/subscribe to subscribe to RidersWest online and you won’t miss a thing.

How many email newsletters will I get?

RidersWest is planning on increasing our email newsletters in the spring of 2020. Until then we will keep in touch at least once a month. If all goes well, we would like to eventually send a RidersWest eNewsletter once a week.

Is there any other way to get updates from RidersWest?

Of course. RidersWest is on all the popular social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and we encourage you to follow along and give us a like or mention. Just search for RidersWest on your favourite social media platform.

Can I share my story with RidersWest?

Please do! We love hearing from our readers about your travels and adventures. Please send any photos, stories or feedback to [email protected].

How can I continue to support RidersWest?

We can’t express our appreciation for all the support from our readers over the years. As you know, we have been able to provide valuable, informative and entertaining content absolutely free of charge. The reason is because of the support of our advertisers who—we are sure you will agree—provide an excellent resource for all riders. You can continue to support RidersWest by clicking on any ads that you would like to learn more about.

I own a business. How can I tell my story on RidersWest?

We would love to share your story in a reader-friendly format on RidersWest. Give us a call at 250.426.7253 or email [email protected] and ask to see our brand story options.

Don’t miss out!

If you haven’t yet subscribed to the RidersWest email newsletter, we encourage you to keep up-to-date with all the latest snowmobiling news. You can subscribe to RidersWest here.

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