Sea-Doos simplify the family vacation

From quiet, private picnics on the beach to tube rides that get the adrenaline flowing

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Dwayne Folk with his 3 daughters

The Folk family treasures their days playing on Kootenay Lake with their girls. — Melanie Folk photo

Melanie Folk enjoys spending family time at Kootenay Lake with her husband Dwayne and their daughters Haley, nine, and twins Alexis and Cassidy, six. Any mother appreciates simplicity, and for Melanie, that is exactly what their Sea-Doos contribute to their summer recreation. 

“They are just easy, especially with our docking system," said Melaie. "All you have to do is jump on and go, unlike a boat, which is a lot more time consuming to launch and costly to maintain.” 

Kootenay Lake is known for its clear waters and pristine beauty. A little chillier in temperature than other southern B.C. lakes, Kootenay Lake is certainly one of the cleanest and freshest. With 104 kilometres of shoreline, this lake is perfect for exploring. 

While Melanie enjoys the still of the lake, her husband Dwayne enjoys the rougher waters when the lake is churning and bubbling. Adrenaline flows freely as he and his buddies jump waves and whip donuts in the water. There is nothing the girls enjoy more than tube rides, and the Sea-Doos are busy all summer long pulling kids and adults around the lake. The Folks are thankful they can share their Sea-Doos with their loved ones in their own private waterpark.

Their favourite family excursions involve venturing out in the morning, when the lake is still like glass—creating a magical, mystical feel to their adventure. Picnics on their own private beach make it feel like they are the only ones on earth. They enjoy exploring the shorelines of the lake, taking in the unique waterfalls, private beaches and coves, rock formations and ancient pictographs. There are over two dozen pictographs in the Kootenay Lake area and many are only accessible by water. 

It is memories like these that the Folks are hoping their children will cherish when they are grown.

“Our best family investment,” said Melanie of the Sea-Doos. “We look forward to this upcoming summer and the fun our Kootenay Lake adventures will bring."

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