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There is nothing that makes me happier in life than sharing my love of powersports with my four kids and husband. It is what makes my world go around.

Freeride snowmobiling in our Kootenay mountains would be at the top of my list of most loved activities. My husband, who is an amazing teacher, continually encourages me to "go bigger," constantly boosting my confidence and skill level. Drops and jumps are what keep me shredding that deep white awesomeness year after year.

Normally I would get bummed as summer approached, for my love of fresh pow was like an addiction, but all that changed in 2012—when I discovered single-track dirt biking! Although it's a combination of crash boom bam... oopsie, I'm getting it and feeling the same adrenalin-induced joy in the dirt as I feel in the snow.

As a director for the non-profit organization, the Betties Powersports Network (BPSN), I try hard to pay it back.The BPSN is a network dedicated to supporting women in powersports. Boosting the self esteem of women riders, and encouraging the development of skill is what we're all about. It is wonderful to be a part of such a proactive project.

Nature, horsepower, and my loved ones... I'm truly living the dream.

Trish Drinkle is also a Business Development representative for SnoRiders and RidersWest, as well as a Team member and a Westen Canada Sales Representative for Braap Films. 

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