UCO Stormproof matches

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The UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit comes with a waterproof case with three replaceable strikers, a cord and 12 windproof, waterproof matches that will burn for up to 25 seconds. — Trish Drinkle photo

Lighting a fire in cold, damp conditions is never an easy task, especially if it is a life-or-death situation. No matter the dampness or the velocity of wind, UCO Stormproof matches will stay lit, giving you reliability and time to get that lifesaving fire rolling.

Guaranteed to stay lit, even when dipped into water, snow or ice, the UCO Stormproof matches have become a staple of many outdoor survival kits. UCO Stormproof matches are available in two sizes. The original Stormproof Match Kit contains a waterproof case, three replaceable strikers and 25 matches that will burn for up to 15 seconds. The Titan Stormproof Match Kit contains a waterproof case, three strikers, a cord and 12 large stormproof matches with a burn time of up to 25 seconds.

Incorporate the UCO Stormproof Matches into your survival kit to ensure you have flame, especially when you need it most.

For more information, visit Frankensled Inc.

Fire Starting technology has advanced over the years, resulting in matches that are impossible to extinguish even when submerged in water. — Trish Drinkle photo

UCO brand Stormproof matches are a great must have for any backcountry enthusiast. — Trish Drinkle photo

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