The Scoop

A woman sitting on a dirt bike and a photo of two girls, one is wearing a helmet and goggles.

The Scoop Finding Miss Right

Each day I get a chuckle. From Facebook messages to personal encounters, it’s the same thing. Men everywhere are looking for the holy grail of a woman. A woman who can shred, bike, fish and, well, basically be a tough, awesome nature girl. Fellas, I’m thinking you’re doing it wrong.

The Scoop An adventure in the rain

A few times, while being interviewed, I’ve been asked the question, “Why do you ride?” Usually, I’d give great thought to the question and try to answer with something profound, something deep. Today I can tell you why I went for a ride. It’s not super deep or profound; it’s pretty simple, in fact.  


A guy in motocross gear ripping it up on the sand.

The Scoop Embracing a new life

If you try to recreate a life, disappointment is guaranteed. You cannot capture the best parts about a life you’ve left and somehow transform the path before you. I know this for certain. It will frustrate you. I’ve spent many times in the tub with the lights off, like I did at Awesomeland, but sitting in the dark doesn’t bring back the past. 


A side by side going through deep mud.

The Scoop A poker run with purpose

A poker run with purpose, the Pierceland Haunted House Quad Rally has been contributing to the community for the past four years. Raising money for very worthy causes, this poker run goes beyond mud and laughter.


A young woman with brown hair sitting on a green ATV.

The Scoop Powersports parenting

Cruising Facebook one night, a reposting by a friend caught my attention. Two teenage girls were demonstrating vulgar insensitivity as they mocked the Boston Marathon bombing. The subject, of course, went to today’s youth and questions of parenting.


Scenic shot of an alpine lake.

The Scoop Meeting in the middle

It’s not a one-or-the-other-kind of thing. It’s not down with the greenies because I dig two-stroke smoke. The old stereotype of the irresponsible powersports fanatic is now replaced by people who are simply out to enjoy life.