Following a childhood dream

Corinne Laycock always wanted to ride her own motorbike

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Corinne Laycock sitting on a bike at the Vancouver Motorcycle Show.

Corinne Laycock dreams of her next bike at the Vancouver Motorcycle Show. — Photo courtesy Corinne Laycock

Corinne Laycock grew up in a very traditional Northern Alberta household. As a teenager she enjoyed riding as a passenger with her friends who owned street bikes. She fell in love with the feelings of freedom and adventure and wanted her own motorcycle to ride rather than being a passenger.

“No” was always the answer from her mother and father, but still the yearning for a bike did not abate.

Time went on—eventually married with two children, Laycock still longed for a motorcycle. She wanted to be on the open road with the many street bike riders she encountered in the spring and summer months, to feel the wind against her face and the wide variety of smells that you can only experience in the open air while riding a motorcycle. The dream of a motorcycle was not shared with her then husband (now ex-husband), who echoed the very familiar “No” each time Laycock brought up the idea of getting a motorcycle.

“To have such a desire for a motorcycle and continually be shot down by those who were supposed to be supporting me was hard on my self-esteem and confidence,”  Laycock said. “I was frustrated and sad.”

Years later Laycock was a happily divorced woman living in British Columbia where she met a gentleman who was not only passionate about her, but also shared a passion for motorcycles. Like a dream come true, Laycock was experiencing the thrill and adventure of motorcycles—first as a passenger on her boyfriend’s FJR 1300, then as the pilot of her very own motorcycle. Complete freedom and empowerment were felt by Laycock when she purchased her Kawasaki Ninja 250.

Corrine Laycock with her boyfriend, James, standing next to their motorbikes.

His and hers bikes! It's always a good time to learn how to race super moto! — Photo courtesy Corinne Laycock

The adventures were limitless with Laycock enjoying loops through Washington, Oregon and B.C., putting on 5,000 kilometres on her trusty Ninja that she lovingly named Bumblebee. “That was quite the jaunt for the little Ninja 250, but we both did great on that 5,000-kilometre ride”.

Now upgraded to a Ninja 300 with a little more jam, Laycock’s grin grows with each throttle twist. Laycock and her boyfriend enjoy long touring adventures, favourite rides being the Duffy Lake Road ride and the Selkirk Loop, especially around Kaslo, B.C. “When I am on my bike all of my stress disappears,” said Laycock. “It is exhilarating to be on a bike where you really connect with nature. I love meeting other people who are also into motorcycle touring. Each ride we meet interesting people from all over.”

With no one to tell her “No,” she embraced all the motorcycle adventures life had to offer.

Along with her street bike, Laycock then purchased a dirt bike. A KLX 140 L was one more bike to add to her adventures both on and off-road. Taking her motorcycle adventures to a whole new level, Laycock decided to try something totally different—super moto. In May of 2016 the racetrack was calling her name—thus began Laycock‘s adventures racing super moto. “It is such an amazing adrenalin rush!” she said. “I love racing! Racing is addicting.“

Laycock has words of advice for other women out there. “Do not give up on your dreams or listen to those who say you can’t. If you want to ride a motorcycle, follow your dreams. It helps to have a support network. Every day I give thanks for my boyfriend, James, who has taken the time and energy to mentor me into the motorcycle world. When you are with someone you share a passion such as motorcycles with, relationships are that much better.”


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