Lookin’ for adventure? Head out on the highway (or off of it) with Moto Experience

We were born to be wild, so get out and enjoy Pemberton’s wilderness with Moto Experience


Motorcyclists stop and take in the view of Anderson Lake from up high on a mountain cliff.

Anderson Lake is one of the many spectacular sights available to see while on a guided motorcycle adventure tour with Moto Experience. — Photo courtesy Jody Tracey

Wouldn’t it be nice to go on a motorcycle adventure through the mountains with your best buds?

Planning an outstanding escapade is complex and requires all of your friends to have functioning motorcycles. Fortunately, there’s a company that looks after all the details so you can focus on having the best time with the least hassle.

Moto Experience is an adventure motorcycle touring company based in Pemberton, B.C., 30 kilometres north of Whistler. The organization offers guided motorcycle adventures tours that showcase the unreal sights and scenery that surrounds the area.

Two motorcyclists make their way up a mountain along a dirt road.

Moto Experience gives guests a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bond with friends and family in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. — Photo courtesy Jody Tracey

Tours range in difficulty from beginner to advanced and can be on-road, off-road or a mixture of both. Moto Experience offers half or full day rides that can be booked as early as the day of or multi day tours with pre-arranged accommodations and catered meals. The company can even design completely custom-built tours for those with must sees and dos.

A ton to do in Pemberton

“Pemberton is absolutely beautiful and it’s in a good spot geographically,” said Jody Tracey, owner and operator of Moto Experience. “It’s close to Vancouver, which has a major airport, so travel is easy. The ocean is close by. We are surrounded by mountains in all directions so you can be literally in the middle of nowhere in under an hour. We are close to provisions, support, accommodations, and good meals are easy to find in all directions. Pemberton is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream and it offers so much for anyone who enjoys being outside.”

Rides go for four to eight hours per day and can last from one to 14 days in duration depending on the outing. Trips also vary in surface type from twisty paved canyon rides to complete off-road adventures over mountains passes with stays in backcountry lodges and cabins.

“We take people into some really cool places,” Tracey said. “We typically start here at our home base in Pemberton and head east towards Lillooet or north into the Bridge River Valley. If we are heading off-road, the Bridge River Valley is a great jump off point to start any great adventure ride. It has a ton of connectivity to great riding areas to the north or east where we can cross the Fraser River on a cable ferry, drive through epic ranch lands and even make our way to the ocean. We can actually drive from Pemberton to Bella Coola entirely on dirt roads. That is one of our four-day trips that we are offering this year.

A close-up shot of a KLR 650 motorcycle with Moto Experience written along the side of the bike.

Moto Experience tours range in difficulty from beginner to advanced and can be on-road, off-road or a mixture of both. — Photo courtesy Jody Tracey

“Some of the roads around here can be really sheer and take you into the alpine in only a few minutes. If you head north up the Pemberton Meadows, you’ll find the Hurley FSR where there are a ton of excellent roads to explore.”

Moto Experience’s adventure tours take guests off the main roads—away from traffic and people—and into the wilderness.

“We connect epic mountain passes, hidden backroads, flowy double track trails and forest services roads and link them all together to create an awesome day out on two wheels,” Tracey said. “We like to break up the ride and make stops at scenic spots for lunch or snacks or to just take a few photos and stretch the legs.”

Intrepid riders can take a dip in an alpine lake or take short hikes to epic viewpoints. To access the best rides, Moto Experience encourages riders to book a multi-day adventure so they can access more terrain, sleep in backcountry lodges and take in more mountain vistas.

“We offer more than just a motorcycle tour—we offer an all-encompassing day of scenery, saddle time, history and connection,” Tracey said.

Safety first

Taking a guided tour with Moto Experience provides a safety net from potholes and pitfalls that could otherwise stymie your journey.

“Taking a guide eliminates all the guessing and uncertainty from your adventure,” said Tracey. “Guides know the terrain and possible dangers. They have contacts if something happens. It takes a lot of time to study an area of land. It’s worth hiring a professional to show you around.”

Motorcyclists ride a dirt road above Seton Lake down in a valley between mountains.

Intrepid riders can explore unreal vistas like the sights around Seton Lake. — Photo courtesy Jody Tracey

All of Moto Experiences’ helmets are fitted with Bluetooth communication units so guides can speak to guests while they ride. It gives guides an opportunity to coach riding techniques, keep guests safe if road conditions change, alert them if wildlife is present, tell stories as well as have a laugh while everyone gets to the next destination.

Guides at Moto Experience also add that little extra something to make a trip that much more memorable.

“My favourite thing about working at Moto Experience is the friends you make while on tour,” Tracey said. “Because we spend four to eight hours per day with our guests, we really get to know each other. Whether we are talking about the upcoming day over breakfast, coaxing your friend to try that hill climb, or sharing stories of epic rides over lunch, you become buddies. Being able to show them scenery, roads and trails they’ve seen only in magazines really elevates the experience. By the end of the trip, it’s like we’ve been friends for years.”

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