Nature beckons in Revelstoke

Best ride Revy: Frisby Mountain is a favourite

by Marie Milner

Daniel Kellie, owner of Glacier Mountain Resort, riding in his ATV

Daniel Kellie is an avid nature lover and ATVer. — Photo courtesy Glacier Mountain Resort

Revelstoke is internationally known for its skiing and snowmobiling opportunities, but, said Daniel Kellie, “There’s more to do here in the summer than in the winter, actually.”

Kellie is the owner of Glacier House Resort and Great Canadian Tours, just north of Revelstoke. His love and appreciation for the natural world are what brought him to this beautiful, rugged area, and he’s making a living by sharing that appreciation with his guests.

Kellie loves riding his ATV, but being in nature is what’s really important to him, however he arrives there. When he lived in Australia, his favourite four-wheel-drive vehicle was a Toyota Land Cruiser. In the Revelstoke area, where he’s made his home for the past six years, his favourite ATV is the Can-Am Maverick.

“The Maverick is amazing,” Kellie said. “It does everything I need it to do. It has good clearance, good stability, great handling and plenty of power. I don’t do the really challenging ATV stuff like some people do, though the Maverick can handle the more challenging stuff, too.

“I like exploring, riding on different trails and forestry roads, but just getting outside into the environment is the main thing, even if you have to walk. B.C. is a great place to do that—we’re really lucky.”

Revelstoke, B.C., has an active ATV club and hundreds of kilometres of trails and forestry roads for them to explore. — Photo courtesy Glacier Mountain Resort

For Kellie, a perfect day of summer trail riding means an early start. “You want good weather, if possible, and good company,” he said. “You want an area that’s got trails, some good off-road sections and some amazing views.”

Kellie particularly likes ATVing on Frisby Mountain, because it’s so accessible to Glacier House Resort. “It’s got everything—trails, off-road areas, great views of the valley,” he said. “Because of where Glacier House is located, we can do this in an hour, and we can get right down to Lake Revelstoke as well.

“For our guests, we can provide paddleboards and a packed lunch. You could go up high in the morning and do some four-wheel riding and enjoy the view, and then you can come back down along the forestry road to a grassy beach at the lake. You could have lunch and then get out on your paddleboard—that’s a day I’d recommend.”

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