Riding in Revelstoke

If you're looking for a great new dirt bike destination, Revelstoke should be on your radar


A man on a dirt bike comes around the corner with a view panorama of mountains behind him.

Riders in Revelstoke can't complain about the scenery. — Stephen Shannon photo

Already renowned for a variety of other outdoor activities, Revelstoke, B.C., has added dirt biking to their repertoire in a big way. Local dirt bike club, the Revy Riders, was formed in 2008 by a group that was simply passionate about the sport. Since then, they have been working hard to get established on the Revelstoke scene.

Since their conception, the Revy Riders have put a lot of energy into building a trail network that they can call their own. They now have a full motocross track, an enduro track and about 40 kilometres of riding trail. Although this seems like enough to keep anyone busy for awhile, it’s just the beginning of the club’s vision. For the 2013 season they also have a five-kilometre easy trail laid out, and they plan to build an additional 10-kilometre expert loop.

“We’re actually doing a good job—we’re making sure it’s sustainable,” said Chris Pawlitsky, president of the Revy Riders. “We’re doing it properly and I think that’s why we’ve been able to accomplish so much in a relatively short amount of time.”

Another advantage the Revy Riders have when it comes to creating their trails is the sheer beauty of the area they’re working with. One particular trail boasts 800 feet of bridge and decking with banked corners and challenging riding as it winds through an old-growth forest.

“The views are amazing,” said Pawlitsky, who admits that his personal interest has become focused on trail riding. “The trails are so fun! They’re challenging, rewarding, technical, flowy, fast—whatever you want a trail to be, we have it. Still, we’re also going to have something for all abilities.”

Last season there was a lot of effort put into laying out the main trails and getting them built. It was largely possibly thanks to a lot of volunteer time and community support. Pawlitsky said that everyone from the mayor to people working at the auto parts store have been willing to help the dirt bike club out.

Top on the priority list for the new season will be getting the details in place so the trails are ready for any unfamiliar riders. Proper signage is ready to go with trail names and skill levels indicated. A kiosk will be in place at the staging area so visitors can pay their day fee or enjoy a picnic. There is even a smartphone app in the works so that users can pull up a trail map right on their phone.

To showcase all the prime new riding, the Revy Riders will be hosting a special event. Scheduled to take place on September 22, 2013, it is being described as a family fun ride. Originally, the club considered having a race, but decided to keep the focus on enjoying the stunning scenery and a fun afternoon. Nonetheless, there will be some great prizes and it will be an event that utilizes the trails, motocross and enduro tracks.  The hope is that people will be able to discover this great new recreation opportunity in Revelstoke.

“There’s one spot where you stop and you’re overlooking the reservoir,” said Pawlitsky. “You’ve got our Mount Begbie in the background—the whole valley is part of the scenery. It’s amazing!”

Overall, the Revy Riders can be proud of what they’ve accomplished in just a few years. Now at about 100 members strong, they’ve had to build a bigger parking lot to accommodate riders and they show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. With the resources, opportunity and belief to keep on going, why would they?

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