A guy hanging off the side of a streetbike. XRider Zone //
Streetbike freestyle—artwork in motion
This team of professional sportbike freestyle riders spend hours perfecting their tricks—which include wheelies, stoppies and burnouts—and, contrary to public belief, they do it in the safety of closed lots, not on the streets. » FULL ARTICLE


Middle-aged blond woman sits astride a Harley Davidson motorcycle Motorcycle Zone //
Corporate guru to biker babe, and back

Learning to ride a motorcycle at the age of 57 opened up a whole new world for successful business consultant Linda Crill. She has written a book, "Blind Curves," about her experience.



A kid riding an ATV. The Scoop //
Use your head, people!

A little common sense goes a long way when it comes to riding ATVs, bikes and snowmobiles.



RidersWest July 2013 eNewsletter: Enjoying the outdoors!


Snomobile Product GEARBOXX //
New Can-Am Maverick on the market for 2014

Last month, Can-Am lifted the covers off its new lineup for 2014 and the most exciting news is the expansion of the company’s side-by-side lineup. A four-seater has been added to the family. 


Snomobile Product GEARBOXX //
What’s new with blue

With all the attention on Yamaha’s new three-seater Viking side-by-side, it’s easy to overlook the company’s Grizzly 700 FI ATV. For 2014, this much-loved machine received some significant upgrades. 


Snomobile Product GEARBOXX //
Kawasaki rolls out new Teryx4 LE for 2014

Kawasaki caters to the family and those who like to bring friends along for the ride with the Teryx4 side-by-side. For 2014, this already popular vehicle is equipped with a more powerful engine and improved suspension components. A limited edition model is also available for 2014. 


Snomobile Product GEARBOXX //
Shark Raw motorcycle helmet

Designed with the casual and urban street rider in mind, the new Shark Raw is an open face motorcycle helmet that features a detachable face mask. 


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RidersWest logo RidersWest Insider
Podium finishes for BC boys at 2013 Red Bull Romaniacs

The 10th anniversary of the Red Bull Romaniacs in Sibiu, Romania, saw for the first time not one but two riders from Canada standing on the podium. In the Hobby Single class, Kitt Stringer rode to a third-place finish, while his friend and fellow competitor Esteban Torres Bonet claimed the top spot. Both riders are from Victoria, B.C., and this was their first attempt at the Red Bull Romaniacs.

{img_alt} The Scoop// Trish Drinkle
Finding Miss Right

Each day I get a chuckle. From Facebook messages to personal encounters, it’s the same thing. Men everywhere are looking for the holy grail of a woman. A woman who can shred, bike, fish and, well, basically be a tough, awesome nature girl. Fellas, I’m thinking you’re doing it wrong.

{img_alt} Moto Mayhem // Jim Muir
2013 CMRC Pro Nationals: The Year of the Ringers

Coming into the 2013 Monster Energy Canadian Nationals, I suspected this might ultimately be remembered as “The Year of the Ringers.”

{img_alt} Inside Your Ride // Justin Surina
The game of buy and sell

Many a frustrated buyer and seller have been born in the game of selling and purchasing motorsport toys. Many of these frustrations can be eliminated simply by understanding how the process works—especially if you intend on doing a trade-in. 


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