Cleaning products for powersports

Trish Drinkle highlights four of her favourite products for cleaning and maintaining ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles

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A can of detailing spray sitting on the seat of a motorcycle.

SC1 Silicone Detailer is a silicone-based detailing spray that brings your plastic back to life. — Trish Drinkle photo

Admittedly, I am a little off-kilter and can’t stand to see a dirty motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile. I’ve even been spotted cleaning customers’ motorcycles when I’ve been out polishing the units on the lot.

Here are some of my favourite items for cleaning and maintaining powersports toys:

Stihl pressure washer

Hosing down your unit is the first step in cleaning a dirty toy. It is important to wash that first layer of dirt off before scrubbing with a cloth or sponge—mud off. My heart leaped for joy one day when I got to use the Stihl 108 pressure washer to wash off my dirt bike. In a spiral, the water lifts and washes away stubborn dirt and grease.

Microfibre or bust, baby

Start with the right cloth. A microfibre cloth is the only way to go as it helps to remove dust and prevents any sort of scuffing. If you wipe a motorcycle, dirt bike or sled down with a dirty cloth, you will scratch it, grinding the particles into your paint or plastics. There is nothing more disheartening than spending hours washing your vehicle and afterwards finding scratches all over your unit.

Bel-Ray Foam Filter cleaner and degreaser

Will soap and water work? Yes, but will the Bel-Ray Foam Filter cleaner and degreaser work better? Absolutely. This is a great product that flat out works and it helps to preserve the life of your filter and your bike.

SC1 silicone detailer

SC1 is a silicone-based detailing spray that makes my world go round. It is an amazing cleaning and polishing agent that brings your plastic back to life, while protecting it against future scratches. It repels dirt and dust from clinging and just happens to smell like a cross between cherries and little cherubs from heaven.

I am OCD when it comes to maintaining the dealership’s units. Nothing drives me nuts more than dirty units on display. Once applied, SC1 is a time saver. All I have to do is dust off the units each day with a duster to revive the SC1 shine—even bird droppings are no match for this spray. Clean, protected and smelling great, I know you’ll dig it like I do.

All in all, a clean bike, ATV or sled will last longer. Not only does it look good, a thorough cleaning after each ride helps you to take note of areas that may need attention. Little problems are easy to fix but if left long enough, they can turn into something bigger and more expensive.

A unit that is well-taken care of preserves its value, which can translate into more dollars at the time of resale. 

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