Don’t pass up the Pas

The Pas has its share of attractions that make it a worthwhile stop during your Manitoba adventure.


The Pas Manitoba

Welcome to The Pas! Enjoy the warm hospitality and fun activities. — Photo courtesy Boback Ha'Eri/Wikimedia Commons

The Pas is a fun Manitoba town that has plenty of worthwhile places to check out. 

The VIA Rail/Canadian National Railways Station

Get a glimpse of Manitoba's heritage at this historic railway station, which was built back in 1928. The building is one-and-a-half storeys and was constructed from multi-coloured brick, making it a visually striking site that appeals to photographers. This station served as a terminus and distribution centre for the entire Northern Manitoba region, and it played a vital role in the mining and forestry industries.

Carpenter's Clearwater Lodge

Just a short drive northeast of The Pas will lead you to Carpenter's Clearwater Lodge.  The lodge has been in operation since 1949, and guests can come here to enjoy cozy cabins, and take part in a variety of outdoor activities. 

You can rent a boat and set off on Clearwater Lake - a body of water known for its clarity and beauty. You may choose to hire a guide who can show you the ropes, and lead you on a fishing excursion during the last week of May, or any time throughout June, September or October. Autumn at the lodge brings some of the best fishing and waterfowl hunting opportunities that the region has to offer.

Sam Waller Museum

Learn about the past of The Pas, at the Sam Waller Museum. This Manitoba Star Attraction is situated in The Pas Community Courthouse (the oldest brick building in the region, constructed in 1916). This site was once a centre for social events during the town's most prosperous years, and was designated as a provincial heritage site in 1987.

What makes this museum a must-see? Its founder, Sam Waller, was an interesting fellow. He was also an avid collector of all things eclectic. He put together a massive selection of unusual items, and also used his knowledge as a naturalist, taxidermist, teacher and curator to create educational exhibits to share with the world. As a result of Waller's efforts, the museum now contains a permanent collection of more than 70,000 items, which include photographs, art pieces, archives from The Pas, human history artifacts and natural history specimens.


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