A chat with racer Graham Scott

Jim Muir sits down with Graham Scott to talk about last year's triumphs, the upcoming season and his friend Ryan Lalonde


Graham Scott

Graham Scott on the race course in Port McNeill. — Jim Muir photo

Graham, tell us first a bit about your past national experiences. What's your best finish so far?

My best result came out east at Sand de Lee last year, I got a 15th. I got a lot of 16ths and 17ths, but hopefully I can improve on that this year.

Okay, let's go there. What are you going to do this year?

My trainer Sean Hamlin and I have been working hard all through the off season. I spent about three months in California, and he thinks I should be in the top 10, which is what I'm hoping for. Top 15 consistently I would be happy with. Anything above that is not a good weekend.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict you'll get a top five in some moto sometime this season, if not better.

That would be great!

You're the real deal, Graham. You're number 58 now, right?


Impressive. The other thing I had on my mind, Graham, was Ryan Lalonde. I know that he's played a big part in your training program over the last few years, I know he's a good buddy, and obviously, he's hurt, he's not going to make it this year.

It's unfortunate for him. It's his first real injury on a motorcycle, so he's been pretty fortunate...

Just bicycles have been a problem for him!

Yeah, you don't hear that too often. But yes, he's been a really good friend of mine, and we've done a lot of training with Darcy.

Darcy is Ryan's dad, former pro, phenomenal trainer, and all-round good guy.

Yep. We've had a really good program going. We fed off of each other since we were so close in speed, we were able to push each other. It motivates you to beat him because he's your best friend, and you don't want to lose to your best friend, so...

No, that would be just the worst!

I still want him to do the East Coast rounds and just use it for experience.

Thanks a lot Graham, I think you're up in a couple races. Go ahead and list ‘em.

I'd like to thank Factory Connection. SG Power helped me out a lot this year. Thanks to Jay James, Scotty Fishing, Fox Gear and Motoseat.

Graham Scott bio

Age: 19
Class: Pro MX1
National number: 58
Past national best: 15th

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