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When I was 13 years old, I worked all summer for five dollars an hour to buy my first dirt bike. I wanted one after the first time I rode my friend's minibike across his yard, twisted the throttle and immediately lost control and watched the bike hurtle across the yard and off the top of the ravine into the trees below. It was the adrenaline of the bike's power that seduced me; when the bike tore out from underneath me I knew that I would be chasing motorcycles forever.

I raced for a few years in my late teens before life's little diversions ended my riding days for over two decades. I got a degree in fine art and a diploma in literature while I dreamed about motocross and then I went to work at a motorcycle shop where I rekindled my passion. I started racing again at the age of 42 and recently retired after too many broken bones. Now my son races, and I get a chance to express my passion as well as give something back to the sport I love.

I also write a weekly Race Report blog with Moto Photos, Race Reports, and more. 

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Guy in a yellow shirt on a dirt bike.

Moto Mayhem Supercross 2013

This is shaping up to be the best season of the AMA Supercross in over a decade. For much of the history of supercross the sport has been dominated by one or two riders at any given moment.