The 2015 motocross season kicks off

And Jim Muir is back in action, covering the scene on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island

Jason Abernethy in the lead around the top corner berm at Round 1 of the VIMX/CMRC Island Championship Series in Campbell River, B.C. — DJ Muir photo

The start of motocross season in Canada and subsequently Vancouver Island, B.C., has got our Moto Mayhem columnist, Jim Muir, all fired up for another year of bar-bending action.

Here’s his latest report:

Well, it has come upon us again. The 2015 VIMX/CMRC Island Championship Series kicked off this weekend in Campbell River, and the first race kicked it right out of the park. It was handily the best opening round we’ve had in years. There was a great turnout of Island racers, which was complemented nicely with a smattering of Mainland racers, many of whom are very fast and very fun to watch ride.

It was a great day to hold our annual moto family reunion after a long winter apart. The usual conversations flowed about how much the kids grew over the winter, who had a new bike or had moved up a class, lots of lavishing over winter vacays and how temperate our winter was, and lots of other interesting things that were accomplished since we last saw each other. There was lots of hugging and kissing going on. The sun shone down from the heavens on us this weekend . . .

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