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I remember the day my father brought home our family’s first ATV. It was a Suzuki 350 c.c. and I was terrified of it. It had a manual transmission and I spent several frustrating hours trying to learn how to shift the gears smoothly. After I figured it out, however, I was hooked on ATVing.

A couple of years later, my father bought two personal watercraft and it didn’t take me long to develop an interest in them as well. Since then, I’ve explored trails and lakes throughout the East and West Kootenay regions of B.C. and in the province of Alberta. I have also ridden a personal watercraft in the states of Montana, Arizona and Utah. My passion for motorsports is something I am pleased to share with my husband, who is also an experienced dirt biker and motorcyclist.

As a writer for RidersWest, I get to speak with top riders in the industry, learn about new products on the market and hear great riding stories from readers.

If you have a story that you’d like to share, know of an outstanding rider who should be recognized or would just like to talk about motorsports, please email me

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