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Sam King is a young Australian motorcycle athlete and business owner with a promising future and a great history of results in the worlds of moto-trials, endurocross and freestyle trials. He has travelled throughout Australia, Canada, Indonesia and Europe, competing in national and international competitions, as well as partaking in freestyle trials demonstrations and entertainment shows.

Sam now resides in Golden, British Columbia, but his business, Ride the Vibe, has him spending much of the year on the road. His freestyle shows and demos have kept audiences entertained at various events, including the Red Bull Rocks and Logs. FYI: Sam is the only one who can flip a trials bike in Canada and at world-recording-breaking levels.

Also a coach, Sam offers workshops for those wanting to improve their off-road riding skills. You can visit the website for more information on Ride the Vibe or follow the journey on Facebook and Instagram or @kingzy.

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