Prince Albert satisfies the itch that Saskatchewan sand can scratch

The Dirt Riders have revived a classic track

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A motorcyclist gets air over a jump

Prince Albert’s Muskoday motocross track is fully functional again. — Photo courtesy Tynan Small

Prince Albert’s Muskoday motocross track used to be the region’s go-to location for catching sick air and competing with other riders. A flood in 2011 drowned the track, making it inaccessible for years. Last summer, Tynan Small and other members of the Prince Albert Dirt Riders undertook all the steps required to get it back up to par. “We used to host an annual Canadian Motosport Racing Corporation (CMRC) race here every year but haven't in quite some time,” said Small. “We're hoping to get back on that circuit in the next couple years. Motocross is definitely a sport we want to see flourish.”

Playing in the sandbox is a childhood activity most of us enjoyed at one time or another; some of us still enjoy grains of sand underneath our fingernails. Prince Albert satisfies the itch that Saskatchewan sand can scratch. “I grew up riding lots of sand trails to the north of town and a few out east,” said Small. “One of my favourites is east of Prince Albert where a couple good friends and I always go to ride. It never gets old.”

Another area worth exploring is Emma Lake, about 50 kilometres north of Prince Albert. The region offers a good network of trails. Some are suitable for beginners but most fall in the intermediate to advanced range. It’s best to test these routes with a 4x4 ATV and a friend. Don’t expect every path to be well maintained. Deep mud bogs may lay claim to your ride if you’re not careful. Winches and tow cables are recommended. Once you reach your destination, hit up Emma Lake. It has a recreation area that offers camping, swimming, boating, hiking and mountain biking.

Whether you’re looking to cruise the Muskoday motocross track, spit up sand on outlying trails or challenge yourself around Emma Lake, Prince Albert has you covered. 

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