Things you can adopt: Children, pets, Can-Am ATVs . . .

ATVs are a family business for the Rufs in Warman, Saskatchewan


(L to R) Darcy, Ryan and Bernice Ruf are sitting on their three respective quads on a dirt patch with green trees behind them.

(L to R) Darcy, Ryan and Bernice Ruf share a genetic love and passion for ATVs. — Photo courtesy Ryan Ruf

Adoption has been around for quite some time and typically involves children or pets. Now, thanks to Ryan Ruf, Can-Am ATVs can be added to the list.

“I purchase used machines that are looking for a new home,” said Ryan Ruf, member of the Sask Trail Riders in Warman, Saskatchewan. “I look them over and see what they need and either fix them up and resell them or take them apart and sell the used parts. I love the ease of working with the Can-Ams. The Gen 1 chassis is fantastic. They are a great ride and a very popular machine.”

Ryan Ruf is stuck in deep mud. A wench is tied to something out of view to pull his ATV out.

Ryan Ruf enjoys getting dirty while testing his dad’s patience. — Photo courtesy Ryan Ruf

Ryan’s aptitude for tinkering with recreational vehicles is likely genetic. His dad, Darcy, was introduced to snowmobiling at an early age from his father. Darcy then bought a Honda 200 trike for summer riding. His passion for riding continued to grow and he eventually created his own business buying, selling and repairing parts and accessories for ATVs.

Ryan’s mom, Bernice, also got into sledding when she was young, much like her husband. Her father started her on a 1986 Yamaha MOTO4, which the Rufs still own in their collection of toys. That love of all things motorized has been passed down to Ryan, whose knack for fixing Can-Ams got him a job as a parts technician at a local Can-Am dealer.

“ATVing is not just a hobby or a pastime,” said Ryan, “it’s a lifestyle for me.”

Happy trails

When Ryan isn’t in the shop with his tools, he’s on the trails.

“There are two great areas to ride in my area: Nesbit and Holbein forests,” he said. “Both have a bit of every type of riding. There’s a nice, wide dry trail that winds through well-treed areas and deep mud holes. It’s perfect for the beginner to the lifetime rider. There are short trails for a quick ride and then longer ones for a full day of fun.

Ryan Ruf plows his ATV through a sludgy road.

Ryan Ruf is comfortable plowing his 2011 Can-Am Outlander 800 R XT through most sludgy situations. — Photo courtesy Ryan Ruf

“The most popular trails are in the Nesbit forest just south of Prince Albert. There’s a bit of everything for everyone. Wide open trails, mainly sandy trails, and then there are technical trails through the trees and such. There are also many spots to find deeper water and mud to play in. Water wheelies is one of my favourite things to do on the quad. I also enjoy the technical trails to test my skills.”

Family fun

If you’re getting the sense that Ryan and his family are the fun kind of people that you’d like to go riding with, you’re not alone. Joe Waldherr, another member of Sask Trail Riders, encourages ATVers to get in touch with the Rufs when riding in the area.

“Ryan and Darcy’s enthusiasm and friendship have spurred on Sask Trail Riders in the past, and they are always ready and willing to invite others out on their rides and are quick to give assistance when needed,” Waldherr said.

Ryan credits his folks for his willingness to engage with other riders.

“It’s about being open to new people, whether it be experienced or new riders or families joining you on a ride to share a passion and stories,” he said. “Helping someone that’s stuck or needs help on the trail, or anywhere else, is something my parents instilled from a young age.  Whenever I can, I am willing to lend a hand to someone out on the trail and invite new people to ride and join our group. The many people I have met and chatted with over the years has been very rewarding. I love being outdoors with great people and, of course, getting dirty while testing my dad’s endurance for how often I get stuck.”

Ryan’s adoptive nature of taking in used Can-Ams and aiding riders in the area extends to his passion for taking in new trails.

“I would like to explore some new places to ride this summer,” Ryan said. “So many trails, so little time.”

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