Welcoming a new club

With boreal trails and beautiful views, Narrow Hills Provincial Park is the perfect place for a new local ATV club.


The trails at Narrow Hills Provincial Park run through northern boreal forest.

The trails at Narrow Hills Provincial Park run through northern boreal forest. — Photo courtesy Tammy Chevrier

There’s a new club in town, called LBL All Terrain Ventures, Inc., and it’s presiding over the ATV trails near Little Bear Lake, Saskatchewan. The club also represents White Swan Lake, East Trout Lake and Lower Fishing Lake, which is located in Narrow Hills Provincial Park.

"Our mission is to bring together off-highway vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts to enjoy, promote and protect responsible OHV recreation activities (and) to provide safe trails for all ATVers and their families," said Tammy Chevrier, secretary and treasurer. “Our club also belongs to the Saskatchewan ATV Association. They have been a great help with any questions we have had dealing with the formation of the club. Hopefully with a larger collective voice we can portray a more positive attitude to government agencies, in respect to licensing, environmental issues, etc. - towards the recreational activity of ATVing.”

Promoting a local favourite

Narrow Hills Provincial Park has some amazing trails maintained by LBL All Terrain Ventures. Meandering through northern boreal forest, the terrain is varied, with sandy and rocky areas, hills and even a few swamps for those riders seeking a bit more adventure. There are also a few old logging roads that ATVers have a blast exploring.

“We have trails for every type of ATV expertise, from beginner to experienced,” said Chevrier. “The trails that we use are the existing snowmobile trails that link the represented communities. Warm-up shelters are located along the trails too, so there is always a place to stop and rest and have lunch.”

There are trails specifically designated for ATVing within the park. Chevrier said that with so many areas to enjoy, it's hard to narrow down a favourite.

“People like to bring a fishing rod along too, because there are a lot of small lakes along the trail that are only accessible by ATV,” she said. “We have many new cottage owners and campers that are unfamiliar with the trails but love to ride. So the club is a great tool for the members to connect with each other, exploring with other riders who are familiar with the trails.”

For more information, call Tammy Chevrier at 306-426-2244, or the new club president, Ray Milne, at 306-260-1064.

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