2014 Orofino LoggerXross race recap

It’s a unique event that attracts some of the biggest names in endurocross

by Steve Shannon

A piece of logging equipment incorporated into an endurocross course.

Jim Engle and the local motorcycle club transform the logger sports park in downtown Orofino into one of the coolest endurocross tracks in the country. — Steve Shannon Photography

Every May, a small logging community nestled next to the Clearwater River in Idaho transforms into an endurocross hot spot. The saying "If you build it, they will come" definitely rings true in Orofino. Putting together a $7,500 pro purse, and another $1,000 women’s purse, definitely helps sweeten the deal.

Spearheaded by Jim Engle, the local motorcycle club transforms the logger sports park in downtown Orofino into one of the coolest endurocross tracks in the country for the weekend. Logs, bridges, rocks, tires and firewood all help make the course a worthy venue for some of the best endurocross riders in the country to visit.

One of a kind

The town’s logging roots are very obvious in the care and detail in which they build the course. Instead of just throwing down some dirt with a few logs, rocks and tractor tires, Engle and crew go all out building bridges, an over/under section and even send the riders along the length of a logging truck. To say this course is unique is a bit of an understatement. And The Orofino LoggerXross provides the perfect venue for some Saturday night entertainment.

Thanks to donations from industry sponsors and local business, the organizers offer a large pro purse ($7,500 this year) to attract some of the biggest names in the sport. This year, Colton Haaker, Kyle Redmond, Bobby Prochnau and Chantelle Bykerk all made the trek to Orofino, along with a host of locals from throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Bobby Prochnau racing at the Orofino LoggerXross.

The event attracts some big name racers from the U.S. as well as Canada. This year, B.C.’s Bobby Prochnau (No. 9) made the trek, and ended up with a second overall finish. — Steve Shannon Photography

Previous years have seen Geoff Aaron, Cory Graffunder, Kevin Rookstool and even FMX legend Mike Metzger battle for endurocross fame. The whole town comes out to fill the stands and cheer on their heroes, friends and family.

Who won?

This year, it was Colton Haaker taking home the lion’s share of the purse with two moto wins. After qualifying first, Bobby Prochnau was second with 3-2 finishes and Redmond rounded out the podium with a 2-3. Chantelle Bykerk won the women’s pro class ahead of fellow Canadians Lexi Pechout and Melissa Harten.

The story of the night was in the 85 cc expert class, where two local boys put on an incredible show, battling the course and each other to a photo finish that had the entire crowd on their feet cheering. To finish the night, Haaker dominated the Dash-for-Cash to make it a clean sweep of the 2014 Orofino LoggerXross.

Can Haaker repeat next year? It’s well worth the trip to watch this unique event!

Steve Shannon caught up with Bobby Prochnau and Chantelle Bykerk at the 2014 Orofino LoggerXross. Check out his interview: Catching Up With Canada’s Fastest Couple

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