Catching up with professional off-road and moto-trials rider Sam King

“I was obsessed with two wheels before I could even walk or talk.” — Sam King


Sam King performs a mini flip on his dirt bike in front of a crowd.

This was the first mini flip that Sam King performed in front of a crowd. — Photo courtesy Sam King

It’s been a while since we checked in with Sam King. The professional off-road and moto-trials rider and instructor has been making a name for himself competing and performing from his hometown of Melbourne, Australia, to all corners of the world in Asia, Europe and North America.

“I am a very passionate motorcycle enthusiast, always looking for new opportunities and ways to expand my skill and knowledge of motorcycling,” King said. “It’s in my genetics. My dad was always a great inspiration. He always had motorcycles my entire life. I was obsessed with two wheels before I could even walk or talk.”

Sam King has smiles with a bloody mouth.

“Even when bikes bite back, I still have a smile on my face. I love this sport!” — Same King — Photo courtesy Sam King

King’s motorcycle prowess is so impressive that he sometimes surprises himself with what he’s capable of.

“When I was 16, I didn’t realize that I had won the Catalonian Trials Championship in Spain,” he said. “I totally missed the entire trophy ceremony. Woops!”

Sam King jumps onto two shipping containers on his dirt bike.

“I think this might be a world first—jumping onto two shipping containers.” — Sam King — Photo courtesy Sam King

King’s motorcycle journey has landed him in Golden, B.C., where he runs the Sam King Dirt School at his business, Ride the Vibe.

“There are endless riding areas around Golden, but Mount 7 is a great place for trials riding and the newly built GORMA (Golden Off-Road Motorcycle Association) trails are really fun for off-road,” said King.

Sam King makes his way across rocky terrain on his motorcycle.

Sam King currently rides four different dirt bikes: 2020 Beta 300 RR, 2020 Beta 390 Race, 2020 Beta 300 Evo 2T and 2020 Beta 300 Evo 4T. — Photo courtesy Sam King

King is currently planning the 2021 tour of coaching dates. If you would like to see a Sam King Dirt School in your area, send King an email to know which part of Canada you are in. King is also offering private coaching in Golden all through the year, winter included.

Sam King, instructor extraordinaire:

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