FMX World Tour: Synchronized jumping, fliparoonies and high-flying stunts

2 vids and 4 pics of the sick action put on by FMX World Tour


Two dirt bikers soar through the air inside Western Financial Place.

X Games gold medalists mesmerized the crowd at Western Financial Place in Cranbrook by performing incredible jumps and stunts in unison with each other. — Kyle Born photo

The FMX World Tour is a stunning display of motocross prowess provided by the best X games riders in the world. On June 1, 2019, FMX World Tour made its way to Western Financial Place in Cranbrook, B.C.

Here are a couple vids and a few pics that show off the craziness that is FMX World Tour.

FMX World Tour Cranbrook Video 1: Double trouble: Synchronized jumping

FMX World Tour Cranbrook Video 2: Fliparoonie!

FMX World Tour Cranbrook

Five dirt bikers line up to take turns competing to be crowned champion.

A total of eight motocross riders competed in FMX World Tour in Cranbrook (five of the eight are pictured). — Kyle Born photo

A man interviews Kassie Boone as she sits on her dirt bike.

X Games gold-medalist Kassie Boone is the only female FMX rider in the world. — Kyle Born photo

A rider jumps over competitors as they crane their necks to watch the dirt biker in flight.

The majority of the time, riders waited for their turn while underneath their aerial adversaries. — Kyle Born photo

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