A wonderful windfall awaits within Whitecourt

Derelict artifacts decorate Whitecourt’s Windfall Town Site

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A celebratory picture after punching through a trail.

If motocross is more your speed, you’ll find a track in the nearby community of Blue Ridge, Alberta, called WhiteRidge MX Park. It’s run by a different group than the Whitecourt ATV Club, but the organizations work in unison to bring riders into the area. — Photo courtesy Whitecourt ATV Club

Most would identify Whitecourt as a town northwest of Edmonton. If that’s the direction you’re travelling, go a little farther. The best Crown land to access and ride around Whitecourt is northwest of the town.

The prime playground for your ATV is Windfall Town Site. A variety of sights can be seen within the site. Wildlife such as deer, moose, bears, owls, eagles, wolves, coyotes, birds and fish round out the diverse display of nature. Past activity from the oilfield, railway and forestry sectors is evident. Old homesteads, seismic lines, trappers’ cabins lie in wait like relics yearning to be rediscovered.

Don’t let your eyes stray too far from the trail, though. The path between these landmarks is as diverse as the view. Weave your way through dense, luscious forests, climb sandy hillsides, traverse creeks and navigate along rivers, marshes and lakes. 

Windfall Town Site is already an impressive place to make tracks, and an expansion looms on its horizon.

“The number one problem for ATV enthusiasts is finding enough places locally to lawfully ride,” said Randy Matthews, vice-president of the Whitecourt ATV Club. “Members have been actively scouting this area for further trail possibilities.”

The proposed Windfall Trail System will offer a wide variety of scenery from sand hills to dense forests and trails ranging from beginner, family-oriented trail riding to more advanced technical riding. The club’s goal is to scope out something for everyone.

“The memories and adventures made while trail riding are second to none,” said Matthews. “If you have a passion for ATVs, riding, adventure and the great outdoors—and if you enjoy sharing these experiences with others ATV enthusiasts—then Whitecourt is the ideal place to be.”

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