A cash infusion for youth motocross

RidersWest is proud to support the Seehorse Five Hun—a cash incentive for youth motocross

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A group of motocrossers coming off the starting line.

Jim Muir is hoping a little cash incentive will encourage young racers to pursue the sport. — Jim Muir photo

Jim Muir is the kind of guy motocross needs. He loves the sport. He’s talented with his words. And he’s willing to give away $1,500 of his hard-earned money to support the youth motocross class on Vancouver Island, B.C.

That’s right—this season Muir is donating $500 to the top finishers at three rounds of the Vancouver Island Championship Series.

Numbers are dwindling in this class and Muir is hoping that a little cash incentive will bring them back up. It seemed to work at Round 4 in Campbell River on May 11, 2014; there were more than triple the number of racers there than at last year’s race.

RidersWest is pleased to support Muir with the Seehorse Five Hun initiative. The folks at SG Power in Victoria, B.C., and members of the Vancouver Island Motocross Association lent a hand as well.

We’d all like to see the sport not only survive but grow, too. Because, well, let’s face it, without local motocross, we wouldn’t have the great stories, photos and memories to share. It’s where our national motocross, arenacross and supercross stars are raised. But whether it’s motocross or not, the future of any sport relies heavily on our youth.

The final Seehorse Five Hun cash prize will be awarded at Round 9 of the Vancouver Island Championship Series in Port Alberni, B.C., on June 21.

And for more great motocross stories from Jim Muir, be sure to follow his monthly Moto Mayhem column on RidersWest. You can also check out his motocross blog over at Seehorse Creative Media.

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