Catching up with Don Eidse, president of the Eastman ATV Association

“If you want people to follow, be a clear leader by staying on the planned trail.” — Don Eidse


Don Eidse, (on the left) has pink hair and stands next to a taller man in the sunshine.

As president of the Eastman ATV Association, Don Eidse (on the left) helps host a charitable ATV Ride for Mom in support of Cancer Care Manitoba on an annual basis, which attracts some excellent volunteers, many of whom continue volunteering throughout the year. — Photo courtesy Don Eidse

Don Eidse is a busy guy. Besides being the current president of the Eastman ATV Association, he’s a past president of ATVMB as well. Although he doesn’t sit on the ATVMB board anymore, Eidse has ongoing ATV relationships with the other clubs, the provincial government and other trail user groups.

We caught up with Eidse to find out what the Eastman ATV Association is up to and why riders across Manitoba ought to take notice.

How are you proactive in the ATV community?

One of the keys to being organized is to work together, following rules as set out in the organizational bylaws and through the strategic plan. In other words, the designated path. If you want people to follow, be a clear leader by staying on the planned trail. Showing our club’s support for ATVMB should be clear to our greater community, and I am happy to do that.

What are the top two places to go for a ride in your area? Why?

If you search the Eastman ATV Staging Area, you will be connected to the Eastman and Sandhogs ATV Club trails. Within that area, you will find everything you need for a great day on the trail. Some of our best club rides bring us a few miles away from the USA. Learn how to use a GPS or ride with someone who is familiar with GPS if you plan to go off of the designated trail systems.

By searching the Northstar Trail, you will find another fascinating trail system with both marked and unmarked trails. Both riding areas have a signed trail system in compliance with ATVMB (trails are audited). Both trail systems are monitored as best as we can, providing a safer family riding environment.

How has the last year gone for your club?

We are very lucky to have such a fantastic board. It’s big at 12 people, but we need every single person. It is a great group of people to be associated with. Our strong board delivered a great year for both club rides and trail management. In spite of major flooding on our trail system, almost all scheduled events proceeded as planned.

Membership has remained pretty much about the same over the last 2 years at 160 families. We have plans to expand membership this year.

What initiatives has your organization taken lately?

Fundraising to purchase a tractor, using all private money with no government grants
New and upcoming volunteer apps
Developing a survey for the club designed to be shared nationally by other clubs to develop baseline national information, to be completed with membership application

Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

Thank you for supporting safe, family ATVing. Without our vast collection of volunteers, both members and non-members, we would not be able to enjoy the beautiful trail systems we have today.

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