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The Lower Mainland ATV Club works together with other organizations to improve ATVing conditions for all riders

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It’s the goal of the Lower Mainland ATV Club to ensure a future of safety and enjoyment on the trails for years to come. — Photo courtesy the Lower Mainland ATV Club

Since its origin 11 years ago, it has been the goal of the Lower Mainland ATV Club (LMATV) to benefit club members and the ATVing populace by promoting safety, environmental awareness and education. With approximately 150 members to date, the club has grown exponentially.

“Over the years we have evolved into an extremely active and diverse community of enthusiastic ATV riders of all ages,” said club president Ken Bryant. “We have club rides and events throughout spring, summer and fall, mostly in the West Harrison area, but also trips to the interior of B.C. and as far away as Oregon and Idaho.”

Pitching in

LMATV members frequently volunteer to help out with maintenance and improving local trails. Whether it’s spring cleanups or other club projects, everyone pitches in.

In order to accomplish even more within the riding community, LMATV has partnered with four local clubs to form an umbrella organization: the South Western All Terrain Trails committee (SWATT).

Alongside ATV/BC, the Ministry of Natural Resources Operations, the Sts’ailes Band (formerly Chehalis Band) and other stakeholders, SWATT was able to take part in the opening of three brand new ORV
offloading sites near Grace Lake last year.

LMATV has also joined forces with the Vedder Mountain Trails Association, a group that incorporates clubs built around a range of outdoor activities, such as running, horseback riding and off-road motorcycling. Bryant emphasized that the collective goal of these organizations remains the same, with an aim to consistently “promote safe and co-operative use of the area as well as safeguard recreational usage into the future.”

Fun for all

Another point of pride for LMATV is that it is a family-oriented club. Members are close-knit and look out for one another, and they all enjoy the thrill of exploring the bounty of terrain available near by.

“We have picnics nearly every time we are out riding,” said Bryant, “and when we camp together the willing and friendly group effort is very evident. When we ride, the most important rule is that we are each responsible for the rider following. Experienced members always help new riders through any difficult spots we may encounter on the trail.”

Helmet radios are used to allow communication between riders, so that everyone is accounted for at all times and novice riders don’t find themselves lost or stuck on trickier parts of the trails.

Local splendour

LMATV members are particularly fond of the trails throughout the West Harrison area, which is ideal for riders of all experience levels.

“The occasional spectacular views of the lakes and snow-capped mountains are something to behold,” said Bryant. “At the moment there is very little signage, but together with SWATT, by late spring we will have hundreds of kilometres of trails clearly mapped and marked. Much work will be done this spring to improve the safety and environmental friendliness of . . . this beautiful recreational area.”

Since there is some local logging activity in this area, it is suggested that riders check with a club first before heading out, to find out which trails are accessible for riding at that time.

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