Plowing through the powder

Mike Benz knew a good photo opportunity when he saw one during a recent ride

by Glynis Fediuk |

Man on ATV in winter

Mike Benz enjoys the added challenge of ATVing in the winter. — Kendra Bisbing photo

ATVing in the winter brings increased challenge and decreased noise—but that's just the way Mike Benz likes it. Though he ATVs year-round, his favourite season for quadding is the winter, and he sent in photos from a recent outing to Becker Mountain, near Vernon, B.C.

"We were underneath a powerline and the sun was shining," said Benz. "I dropped the photographer off below me and came back at them so that the sun was shining (at) me. I figured it would make great pictures and she had a nice camera."

Benz has been ATVing for the past six years. He's owned a Bombardier 800 for the past four years, and estimates that he's put nearly 12,000 kilometres on it. Before he began ATVing, he raced dirtbikes in the Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Association, reaching the expert class.

Benz enjoys ATVing at Becker Lake and up in the Monashee Mountains. He said he's currently planning a trip around some of the lakes in the region.

"We’ve been looking at doing a two-day trip from Keefer Lake down to the Arrow Lakes and around and back," said Benz. "My dad rides too, and he knows the area."

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