The power of positivity leads to lasting ATV memories

Jason Stapleton is a motivational force in the Alberta ATV Triple Crown series


Jason Stapleton stands with friends with his ATV

Jason Stapleton (far right) competes in the Alberta ATV Triple Crown series. — Photo courtesy Jason Stapleton

Rising through the standings in a competition like the Alberta ATV Triple Crown series is possible for those with an insatiable drive and determination to get to the podium. Just ask Jason Stapleton. Even a demanding job and a devastating wreck can’t keep this diehard rider down.

Thanks to the influence of his dad and brothers, Stapleton is an ATV lifer. He grew up riding through the woods around Cranbrook, B.C., his hometown, as well as Brule Dunes in Hinton, Alberta. Now a resident of Edmonton, Alberta, Stapleton has a few favourite spots to take his quad. “The best place to ride when I am in B.C. is the track in Elko, B.C.,” he said. “In Alberta, my favourite track is the Blue Ridge MX track. The track is awesome and they support our race series and let us practise there.”

Jason Stapleton rides his ATV in a race

Jason Stapleton rides a 2014 Yamaha YFZ 450R. — Photo courtesy Jason Stapleton

Through Stapleton’s dedication to racing, he’s risen through the ranks of the Alberta ATV Triple Crown series. “I had a great season and have been battling in the top three in both classes and leading races,” he said. “It has been great. The Alberta ATV Triple Crown series is an ATV motocross association that prides itself on family values. No matter what you ride or your skill level, there are always people willing to help you. Plus, there’s always a good potluck after race day.”

Unfortunately, Stapleton endured an accident last year that put him out of the circuit. “At our double header in Calgary, I was running third and I hit a jump. The guy in second did not do the jump all the way and ended up in my line. I landed on his back tire and it sent me crashing, which resulted in a broken shoulder, a couple fractures and a concussion.”

Despite the painful setback, Stapleton’s disposition remains positive and optimistic. “The recovery has been going good,” he said. “Between the awesome physio team at Leading Edge Physiotherapy in St. Albert, Alberta, and my workout program, I should be ready for gate drop come June.”

Jason Stapleton rides over a jump

Even a broken shoulder, multiple fractures and a concussion won’t keep Jason Stapleton from riding competitively this year. — Photo courtesy Jason Stapleton

Stapleton works as a sand blaster at an engine remanufacturing plant in Edmonton. Even with an injury-plagued year, he strives to apply all of himself to his job and the next racing season. “I am working every shift possible to try to get ahead to pay bills and buy parts to go racing,” said Stapleton. “I get up and go to the gym every day before and after work—day or night shift. I would rather just lay in bed when I’m unmotivated, but I’m doing what’s needed so I can succeed at something I enjoy doing. I will never get rich from racing or get free machines or anything like that, I do it because I love the sport and all the people at the races. The support I get from family, friends and sponsors is incredible.”

Stapleton’s ardent devotion to his recovery is sure to pay off this summer when he’s showing off his skills on his 2014 Yamaha YFZ 450R. “What I love most about the sport is the competition on the track and the feeling of it being just you and the machine versus everyone,” Stapleton said. “I love showing up to the track and pushing my limits. My goal this year is to be on top of the box and win a championship.” 

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