Tips for buying a perfect tire for your ATV

Buying ATV tires might seem straightforward but finding the ideal tire is not so simple

by Rebecca Smith

An ATV rider gets air over a dusty jump.

Buying ATV tires might seem straightforward but finding the ideal tire is not so simple. — Photo courtesy Pixabay

Choosing the best tires for your ATV can enhance your riding experience, improve vehicle performance and promote its endurance and durability. But how do you know which tires are the best to buy for your quad? There are fundamental factors you should consider when buying tires for your ATV. With these tips, you can get tires suitable for your daily use.

Things to look for in four-wheeler tires before you buy them include the following:

Several rows of tires on a rack.

So many options. Which kind of tire is right for your quad? — Photo courtesy Pixabay

1. Tire Size

Let’s start by choosing the right tire size for your quad. How wide or big do you need your quad tires to be?

With varying sizes in the industry, you may get confused when you go to your nearest store to get ATV tires. The best way to identify the right size of ATV tires is to look at your quad. The best size is the one that comes from your ATV manufacturer. You may only increase tire size by up to one inch—which is not considerably bigger. To accommodate larger tires, you may want to modify your quad to fit the size.

2. Tire Structure

There are radial and bias types of tire ply. Your decision on which kind to choose depends on your ATV use and preferences. The radial structure establishes a difference between the tire treads and sidewalls. Bias, on the other hand, provides rigidity and strength on the tires.

The radial tires are ideal for more aggressive activities, and they enhance the traction on rough trails. They are the best choice for most activities except riding through muddy roads. The bias ply is essential when you are riding through mud almost all the time. In such conditions, you would not need a “soft” tire.

3. Tire Design

ATV tires come in distinctive designs intended for various uses. The quadricycle works fine in several weather conditions and terrains but can be improved with appropriate tires according to their use. Your best choice may depend on where, when and how you are going to use your ATV. The type of tire you need will determine the design and tread patterns.

Here are a few choices of tire designs you may want to choose for your event, activity or riding condition. You may change the design of your ATV tires to suit your immediate usage needs.

An ATVer becomes a blur as he races his quad.

The quadricycle works fine in several weather conditions and terrains but can be improved with appropriate tires according to their use. — Photo courtesy Pixabay

Racing Tires

ATV tires for racing are wide, square, and hard. They are perfect for use on hard surfaces for racing activities. The design of ATV racing tires enhances their stability and durability. Their size also ensures that you can turn in any direction without toppling. Their treads are not so deep, so you may not effectively use them on sandy or muddy roads.

Trail Tires

Trail tires are the most popular tire and they offer a reasonably efficient riding experience for most terrains. Most ATV manufacturers export their quads with stock trail tires. This tire design is all about versatility and durability.

Snow Riding Tires

Although trail tires can work well on snow, you might want to buy ATV tires meant entirely for snow riding. A slippery snowy surface makes it hard to balance your vehicle on the slopes of a snow-covered road. ATV tires for snow allow you to fix studs on them so that they can improve grip. On powdered snow, trail tires with thin lugs can puddle through seamlessly. Snow tires for ATVs also have wide tread spacing to clear snow from the trail as the vehicle moves.

Pavement Tires

For home-use ATVs, choose pavement tires. Tires intended for home riding are distinctive from all the rest. Firstly, they have very shallow treads. In this way, you can ride on your turf or lawn without digging in. Secondly, treads are very close together to ensure that the ride is smooth on pavement. You can compare these tires with those on your lawn mower.

The tops of tires scattered in a jumble.

Choosing the right tire depends on where you intend to ride your ATV. — Photo courtesy Pixabay

In Summary

Buying ATV tires might seem straightforward but finding the ideal tire is not so simple. With so many options to choose from, pick the best choice for an enhanced experience.

The tips you have learned in this guide can help you select the perfect tires for your ATV. If you’re still having a hard time making the right decision, contact your ATV manufacturer for a general guide on what you need to choose, depending on your immediate or long-term needs.

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