There’s no place like home for Kamloops native Dustin Labby

Riding enduro in Kamloops, B.C.: 1 compound and 7 tracks


Dustin Labby does a wheelie while the sun breaks through the clouds behind him.

Dustin Labby knows all the best places to go enduro riding in Kamloops, B.C. — Photo courtesy Dustin Labby

Dustin Labby loves his hometown of Kamloops, B.C., and will do whatever he can to make it the best place possible. As an avid enduro racer, Labby has latched onto his role as director of trail maintenance for the Greater Kamloops Motorcycle Association (GKMA).

“I’ve really enjoyed riding in Kamloops the last few years and working with our local bike club,” Labby said. “It’s really fulfilling maintaining trails and riding them afterwards.”

Labby and his Husqvarna FX 350 have left nary a stone unturned in the Thompson-Nicola region of south central B.C. If there’s a trail or track worth riding, Labby’s done it. Read his local recommendations in the sidebar below.

Dustin Labby sits on the end of a trailer with a dog on his lap.

Dustin Labby is the director of trail maintenance for the Greater Kamloops Motorcycle Association. — Photo courtesy Dustin Labby

Throughout the summer, Labby is working with the GKMA on a monthly ride series where people ride the loop in a new area every month.

“I really want to increase the ridership in our off-road community to keep these epic trails open for the future,” said Labby.

Uncle Moto and Enduro

Labby’s competitive nature and love of enduro stems from a couple of family mentors who pointed him in the right direction.

“My uncles always had bikes—Jason rode motocross and Glen rode enduro,” Labby said. “I rode a few hard enduro trails with Glen and was hooked after that. I love sharing the passion for the sport with great people.”

Enduro on the go

Labby looks to be busy this season. He competes in Pacific North West Motorcycle Association (PNWMA) series, Vancouver Island Hare Scramble Series (VIHSS) and World Enduro Canada’s Cross Country Championship West (CXCCwest).

Dustin Labby gets big air as he jumps off of big tires in a field.

If there’s an exciting place to go for a ride in Kamloops, Dustin Labby has been there and will tell you all about it. — Photo courtesy Dustin Labby

One of Labby’s favourite rides occurred a few years ago at the Black Lung race in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.

“I overheated the bike on the top of a climb and had to push it up a few hills and into a creek to fill up my hydration pack with water so I could fill the rad up enough to make a big climb to get off the mountain,” he said. “After making it up this big hill, I checked in with the sweepers and coasted down the mountain to finish and hand in my tag.”

Wherever Labby goes for enduro racing or otherwise, he always comes back home where he belongs.

“Before I got into enduro, I used to travel overseas a lot for surf trips,” Labby said. “It really just made me love Kamloops and B.C. even more.”

Dustin Labby leaps over a fallen tree on his motorbike.

There are plenty of challenging tracks to check out in Kamloops. — Photo courtesy Dustin Labby

Kick up the dust:

Here are Dustin Labby’s local ride recommendations for the area around Kamloops, B.C.:

Greenstone Kawi Trail: CP trail with rocky, rooted uphills with long climbs as well as flowy quad track trails with technical single track in the upper sections in the pine forest

Duffy: Fast flowy single track around Duffy Lake

Chuwhels Melbo: Long sections with no splits and lots of rocky, rooted single track at high elevations

Lac DuBois: Grasslands with long rocky hills

Lafarge: Sandy, flowy, rocky trails with pine trees

Inks Lake: Lots of quad tracks with nice alpine forest trails in the upper sections

Noble: Forested single track with some quad tracks

Whispering Pines Motorsports Compound: An off-road riding facility in Black Pines with several moto tracks, kids tracks and an enduro/X. The dirt at Whispering Pines is great in the rain with lots of sand.

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