It’s Nerf or nothin’

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A blue UTV has black Nerf Bars that protrude from the lower side and rear of the vehicle to protect it.

Concept Distributing’s 357 Nerf Bars offer side-by-sides extensive side and rear wheel protection. — Photo courtesy Concept Distributing

Does your side-by-side have enough protection at its sides? If you put your UTV to the test like the phenomenal record-breaking side-by-side jumper Al McBeth, you might want to consider additional protection, like a Nerf Bar or roll cage.

Not only is McBeth an aerial dynamo, he’s also the owner of Concept Distributing in Abbotsford, B.C. McBeth isn’t some high-profile figurehead for Concept Distributing that the company latched onto in order to sell more merchandise. He’s immersed in every aspect of product creation and implementation.

“I don’t just have a business and have other people do the work—I work in it as well,” he said. “That gives me an advantage when we’re out there doing stuff. I have firsthand experience of what needs to be fixed.”

One of Concept Distributing’s most popular items is its 357 Nerf Bar. Originally designed for the race course as side protection, this product has also made a strong presence in the recreational scene.

“The unique design adds strength close to the rear wheel, where most of the competitors’ products don’t get close to,” McBeth said. “This allows obstacles to literally slide off the back past the tire instead of getting trees—or other side-by-sides—wedged between the UTV’s body and wheel, causing costly damage and potentially being stuck.”

Highlighted features from Concept Distributing’s 357 Nerf Bar include:

  • Tig-welding
  • DOM tubing
  • Bolt-on and solid-mount options
  • Customer customization available 

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