Shake, rattle and roll (cage) to adventure


A red UTV has a fashionable canopy and roll cage around its frame.

Concept Distributing’s roll cages are designed and tested by the phenomenal stunt jumper Al McBeth. — Photo courtesy Concept Distributing

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about testing the integrity of roll cages, it’s Al McBeth. The record-breaking side-by-side jumper has put more ATVs through their paces than you can shake a Nerf Bar at. So it stands to reason that the high-flying extraordinaire demands the absolute best when it comes to roll cages. He and many other extreme riders are counting on them to save their lives.

Fortunately for McBeth and everyone else, the acrobatic daredevil is also a top-notch parts manufacturer and distributor. His company, Concept Distributing in Abbotsford, B.C., creates and sells a variety of reliable UTV gear. The business is best known for their top-tier roll cages.

“Our unique design and quality of fit and finish set us apart from our competition,” said McBeth. “The goal was to keep people as safe as possible while still being affordable.”

Concept’s cages have a special design. They are constructed using various metal thicknesses in different locations to keep them light and extremely strong. All tubes are intersected, adding strength to the structure. Having seen the advantages of tig welding firsthand, McBeth ensures that all cages come tig-welded standard.

“It’s all about safety,” McBeth said. “Given the speed of these machines, even in stock form, a stronger roll cage is always recommended—and they look great too!”

Highlighted features from Concept Distributing’s roll cages include:

  • Ample headroom for the passenger and driver is formed into the design
  • Billet cage bungs attach the cage to the vehicle
  • DOM tubing is standard and Chromoly tubing is also available
  • Cages come double-jointed with gussets at all major intersections
  • The cage roofs are formed to fit tightly to each cage and secured with flush mount DZUS tabs, making it strong and easy to decal or wrap
  • The front of the roof comes with a rain gutter, and the rear protrudes past the cab to help keep dripping water off the occupants
  • All colours of powder are available
  • Tabbing and design change are also optional upon order 

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